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JKP0009 ✭✭
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Hey Smartsheet Community!

We have dashboards for all of our projects to give high level overviews. Right now, we are just using a manual entry to note the last time the dashboard was updated. We are only updating that when there is a meaningful update (meaning % complete for a task in the project plan going from 10% to 20% wouldn't count as a meaningful update). That means using the latest Last Modified wouldn't work.

We also need to be able to pull that data point to use in our executive level aggregate dashboard that tracks all of our projects.

I feel like there is an easier way to do this via Record A Date automation or something, but I can't work out how to make it work. Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @JKP0009

    A Record a Date action is exactly what I'd suggest! However you would need to define what a "meaningful update" is, potentially by defining this in the Trigger of the workflow.

    Would you be able to describe your sheet/process a bit more (perhaps using a screen capture of an example sheet with example data), and define what a meaningful update is?