Question about setting up pricing estimate/range

edited 03/13/23 in Smartsheet Basics


Is it possible to create a pricing estimate form or calculator? Our company provides furniture replacements for furnished apartments/homes. I wanted to create a form that allows our client to choose a replacement based on a pricing tier level range and quantity. Ideally, the estimated price range would be shown at the bottom of the page. Doing so would simplify the ordering process, as I won't need to list the specifics of what replacements we have. Our clients only care that the item is being replaced and the price of the item.

For example, if a lamp needs to be replaced, the client could choose the option of:

price tier 1: $50-$120


price tier 2: $121-$250


So if they want 2 items in price tier 1, at the bottom it would display

Estimate Price: $200-$240

We would do the pricing range for each type of inventory we can replace


price tier 1: $50-$120


Accent Chair

price tier 1: $150-$250


Estimate Price: $500-$740