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Totals and calculations in forms


allow users to add section to request amounts and total them

something like:

blue widgets needed - #

red widgets needed - #

green widgets needed - #

Total widgets = # blue+# red+# green

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  • Maura Schanefelt

    It would be great if we could have people fill out forms (with weighted answers) and get the score right away before they submit or perhaps it could appear on the submission response page when they hit submit. This would help to quickly assist the individuals rather than having to sign into our account, find the specific project and look for their answers.

  • vanhieu
    vanhieu ✭✭✭

    HI Smartsheet dev team,

    i'm using a form app to review my worker performance,

    each selection, they will put a number ( EX : good = 20 point, med = 10 point , bad = 0 point )

    So , final, i will base on all number soccer to rank my worker

    everything i use form is OK, but i want a feature that help sum of number from the fields in Form before the submission, my worker can know sum of their soccer

    Hope that idea can be real soon

    Thank you


  • Audrey Howard

    Hello! I apologize if there's already an idea open for this-

    But what would be a great addition to forms is by expanding the logic options. Specifically it would be great if once you select a drop-down in the intake form, you could have it show the result of an already established formula column as a 'preview'.

    For example, if this is a request intake form, the 'request type' could have three options: rush, standard, stock. In my sheet, if 'rush' is selected, then the sheet adds +3 days to todays date in a new 'due date' column. If this was integrated into the form, and someone was going to submit a new request, they'd enter that day's date (4/01/2023), and then selected 2- standard, there would be a read-only field that gives the result of the formula: 4/6/2023. If the submitter then sees that this turnaround date is not soon enough, they could change the dropdown to 1- rush, and see the estimated date update to 4/4/23, and then they could continue with submitting the form.

  • kmay
    kmay ✭✭

    I am trying to mimic a form that has a built in excel calculations for purchase orders. It would be great if Smartsheet would allow some sort of table with calculations within the form builder.

  • Jerrie T

    I asked the SmartSheet Phone Support person if it was possible for a form user, when submitting a form, to enter a date in one field and to have the system automatically calculate another date based on that entry. We ask the person to choose three date options for having a class and want to only show the dates that are 3 weeks later than the date that they are submitting the form. Currently, the form is static and would not be able to pull from any formulas or automation to allow this to happen. SmartSheet community, please vote for this idea as it looks like it would also help others who want this type of automation in the form. Thanks!