Putting ASCII Code (LF) in a cell and using it in a PDF


I am using info from my sheet to fill in Form Letters. I have a field with an address (Street, City, State, Zip). I am trying to avoid having a separate column for Street1, Street2, City, State, Zip, etc. Partly because it is difficult to set up the PDF and make those addresses look right.

So I tried adding a ALT-ENTER, that worked. In smart shield the field with the address had a line break where I wanted it. But when inserting it into the PDF it did not show the line break. Then I inserted an ALT-010, but that inserted some symbol.

Is there a way to insert a Return Character in a cell and have it work when generating a PDF? I would prefer not to add 15 extra columns to my sheet for a very limited use idea.

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    We don't have this issue with our documents. I think this may be a setting on the text field in your PDF template. (In the software we use, it's called "Multi-Line")