How to count all the rows within a month?


Hi all,

I just started using smartsheet and this is my very first question. I have no clue on how things work. I want to do a simple COUNT. I have a date field with data something like below.

CV/Submission Date (Column)









The data is entered manually by selecting the calendar pop-up. The data is about resume submissions. What I want to do now is to find out HOW MANY (Count) Resumes we received in Jan, Feb, March in 2022, 2023 so on and so forth. that are "Accountant". I have no clue how to do calculations about those dates in the formula. I'm pretty sure I may need to use the COUNTIFS function. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks


  • Nick Korna
    Nick Korna ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @HarryKhoo,

    You are correct that you need to use COUNTIFS. If you have a column for Type of CV Submission then your formula would look something like this (using February 2023 as an example):

    =COUNTIFS(Type:Type, "Accountant", [CV Submission Date]:[CV Submission Date], AND(MONTH(@cell) = 2, YEAR(@cell) = 2023))

    If you plot out your months/years (either on the same sheet or on a separate one) then you can have something similar to this:

    In this case your formula would be able to use these details:

    =COUNTIFS(Type:Type, "Accountant", [CV Submission Date]:[CV Submission Date], AND(MONTH(@cell) = [Month number]@row, YEAR(@cell) = Year@row))


    Hope this helps, but if you've any questions etc. then just ask! 😊