Automation of reminder to add new row, not update existing line

Jwalker01 ✭✭
edited 03/13/23 in Smartsheet Basics


I have a scenario whereas I am creating a Lessons Learned Register.

I seem to find a LOT of info directed to updating existing lines ion a smartsheet, but I am struggling trying to find info about adding new lines without altering any existing lines. These are not lines that will need updated regularly, so the ability to update an existing lesson would be out of scope for the function I need.

The goal:

  1. I would like automation to send a reminder email. The issue here is the automation sends every line on the sheet via email, but I do not want it to send ANY lines.
  2. I would like the form to add a new line. Everything I can find so far wants to either notify of new line info, or request an update to existing line info.
  3. The form should do the work. I would NOT like this to be a process for the owner or the recipient to perform.

I have been working on this and have moved closer to success. However, lately my efforts have begun to feel like working with an evil genie who grants every wish at the cost of another. Any advice would be appreciated :)