Creating Reports dynamically from info in another Sheet

Is there a way to generate a report where one of the filters is adjusted dynamically based on either user input or based on the contents of a sheet?

I am rolling out a smallish scale Smartsheet project. I have created a series of reports. The reports are the same except for a single filter value that changes (the name of one of my staff). Currently I create these reports manually by copying one of the other reports, changing the name, then changing the filter. I am wanting to future proof the project. I am open to a number of ways of doing this. I just want the ways to be easy for a novice. I am new to smartsheet and have not explored templates and if that is an option I might use a template for the report.

  1. One option would be to create an automation that when triggers prompts for a name of someone. It then generates a report using that name as one of the filters (associated with a specific column in the report). This is less than perfect, as it requires the user to create 5-6 "dynamic" reports per week or 2, and each time type in those five or 6 names.
  2. A second way would be to create a sheet that lists the staff names. Then run an automation that creates a report for each name in the sheet (or only creates a new report when a name is added to the sheet). Essentially an automation that changes a single filter in a report template, the staff person's name. Since we only change the name of a staff member every few months this would be optimal. Old staff member reports could be deleted when they leave. Also new names could be added to the sheet with a simple form.

I am open to other suggestions. I just anticipate novice users in the future and while I can create a manual that creates step-by-step actions to modify a report (and in fact I will have a manual or maybe a dashboard, that has this info).