How do I automate an email containing a link to a report?

I am new to Smartsheet so my questions are rather basic...I have created a master Smartsheet that a handful of individuals will be able to access to add rows of information. The users are not computer savvy so I created drop down boxes to control what the input values will be. From the master Smartsheet I have then created two reports with unique filters applied. These 2 reports need to be emailed out twice daily at preset times. The reports CANNOT be in the form of PDF or Excel because I need those viewing the reports to have access to the attachments (which are at the line level). Essentially I am looking to create a auto email with a link to the Reports, not the master sheet.

The cherry on top would to also have a screenshot of the report similar to the automation feature inside the Smartsheet itself.

I hope that makes sense :) Thanks!