How to use a new row added by a form to showcase the status comparing to gantt timeline

jess547890 ✭✭
edited 03/14/23 in Smartsheet Basics

I have a sheet that utilizes a form input by an external client.

Each submission they make is essentially a project that follows a specific timeline from the submission date until the project concludes. There are several tasks associated with each submission that needs to be completed in a certain order.

I would like to have it to that we could track each submission to see how it is trending against an established timeline from the date of submission until the project is completed, so we can easily see if the project is going to be completed on time, or if there are any delays we need to address.

I would also like this view to be shared with the client so they can easily see where we are at in the process.

I do not want to have to create an entirely new project template with a dedicated gantt timeline for each submission, as we have submissions multiple times a week, and the "projects" are small.

Is there a way to have this set up so that we can see the progress against a timeline for each row in the intake form sheet? Or a report, or some other avenue that makes it easy to track each row against the timelines for each status of the project?

Thank you for any help.