Mail Merge to Google Docs Date Format Error


I'm driving myself crazy trying to find a more efficient workaround for this issue. I'm open to any help.

I use the SmartMerge add-on to create a mail merge document in Google Docs. It has worked beautifully except for the date format once the document is merged. On my SmartSheet, I have the date in the following format: March 14, 2023, but when the document is done merging in Google Docs, it shows the date in the following format: 03/14/23.

Out of desperation earlier, I created another column and typed the date in a text format like March 14, 2023, and that merged just fine into the Google Doc. But, I can't do that each time, I'm working on this to create a more efficient process for a document our office has to record with the county at the completion of each project, having to type the date for each merge removes all automation and efficiency from the project. I'm frustrated, everything is working wonderfully, except this. It definitely has to do with the SmartSheet column being in a date format.

I'm open to any thoughts or suggestions.

Thank you!


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