Does anyone know how to disengage Elevate phone system from Smartsheet?


I have 2 separate smartsheet accounts with 2 unrelated organizations. One organization uses a product called Elevate for routing phone calls and internal support. Unfortunately, this is bleeding into my other, unrelated account and preventing me from entering phone numbers as data in contact columns I create, BUT ONLY if I copy and paste from another source, i.e. email signature. If I manually type, It doesn't change the format. Please see the example below: I copied the phone number 6035292146. After pasting into the cell, this is the format that populates: <a class="ctc-link" title="Call via Elevate">6035292146</a>

Here is a screen shot: 2 were manually added and 2 were pasted. All, however show the elevate symbol if I hover over them.

Please share any advise to remove this please! Thank you!