Filter to show recent and active meeting items


Hello all,

For my project meetings i have a combined agenda for notes and actions using a standard form. I am trying to apply a filter to keep things more recent when we review it.

Excluding parent rows and workstream headers, i really only have two types of row - note or action.

In both instances, they have an assigned date - the date an action was assigned or the date in which the particular 'note' was stated. They also have a status close/in progress/expired/complete etc. All rows have a column to confirm the categorisation of the row e.g. note action etc.

For meetings i would like a filter to show recent items. I want any action to stay in view until it is complete or expired - regardless of assigned date. This is easy enough to do as a filter. However i am struggling to incorporate notes into this filter in a sensible way. I would like notes to show up in my 'recent' filter but drop off after the note has been present for around 2 weeks (15 days?). This is also quite easy, i setup a 'helper column' to determine a 'row age' and ditch old items. The problem with this however is that it also removes old actions which are not completed.

Is there a way i can combine the best of both in one filter? E.g. Keep all 'actions' visible until closed but retain notes only that are less than 2 weeks old?




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