Linking Multiple Columns

Hi Group,

I have a formula conundrum. I need these first 6 rows pulled into multiple sheets, but just the parent row. Trying to link this amount of cells didn't work great for populating when a new person is entered across sheets. I created a row id and a hierarchy column, but not sure how to do an index match when one sheet has all the sub rows and the other doesn't so my row ID would never match up. Any suggestions? I wish there was a way to do this by the column...any help is greatly appreciated.


  • Lucas Rayala
    Lucas Rayala ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Amy Swan, your question is kind of hard to understand. It might help if you added some example data in your source file (both in the rows you want to keep and the rows you don't want to keep) and show what you would like it to look like in your target sheet. I don't quite understand, but given the multiple requirements, you're probably going to have to graduate out of the INDEX/MATCH and use an INDEX/COLLECT function -- this will allow you to have multiple selection criteria.

    You don't happen to have DataMesh, do you? Again, I don't quite understand your request, but it feels intuitively like this might be helpful.

    Add those screenshots with example data and your target sheets and we'll see what we can do!