Deena Duran
Deena Duran ✭✭✭✭

Hello all,

I have been a Smartsheet Community Member for awhile now, but don't post a ton. However, I wanted to introduce myself and share a few of my accomplishments!

I started my Smartsheet journey over 3 years ago (today I earned my 3 Year Anniversary badge in Smartsheet Community!) as an Administrative Coordinator at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences. I received my certification in December 2019.

I had a blast attending my first in-person Engage, in September 2022. I even won one of the backback prize packs from the Smartsheet Community booth! Thank you, @Alison Clancy for sharing that picture with me!

I have since become an Early Adopter and a Mobilizer! I try and help my organization with everything Smartsheet, and will frequently answer questions in our user group we have on MS Teams.

In January 2024, I became re-certified with my Core Product certification. Yesterday, I achieved my Project Management skills badge, as well!

I'm loving Smartsheet, and have already marked my calendar for Engage 2023!