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I recently asked this same question and I feel like I did not word my question correctly. I am building out a registration form for an event our company will be hosting. The event is limited to only 30 seats. This form will be sent to our dealer base which is well over 100 dealers. A question we ask on the form is will you attend the event, "yes" or "no." I would like to send the first 30 dealers that respond with "yes," we will attend the event an automated email letting them know that they are registered for the event.

The original answer I received was to include an # Auto Column. I should setup my automation to run (trigger) when new rows are added when any field changes with a filter condition that alerts the contacts in a cell that they are registered for the event, where the Auto Number is less than 30. Then do another one for "Sorry we're full" where the Auto Number is greater than 30.

The dilemma that I am running into is writing the automation. I will potentially have the first ten responses to my sheet be "yes," then next ten be "no", the next 5 be "yes," etc. (see screen shot below). I believe that the original answer I received works if your answers are all "yes" consecutively.

I hope that this makes sense and that there is a way to do this.

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  • Lucas Rayala
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    @Anthony DAmbrosio, you'll still need the auto-number column (call it "RowID"), but you'll need an additional column to number just the "yes" responses. That will be a column formula with this formula:

    =IF([Attending Lunch and Learning Event]@row="No", "", (COUNTIFS(RowID:RowID, <=RowID@row, [Attending Lunch and Learning Event]:[Attending Lunch and Learning Event], "Yes"))

    This new column will number the "Yes" responses consecutively.

    Let me know if this works out!