'View Cell History' is showing 'Cell Link' instead of the name of the User who changed the cell

When viewing the cell history on a sheet, instead of the User name appearing, it shows 'Cell Link'.

The Users are always logged in. Some of the Users are Free users, others are Licensed. It doesn't always happen, which is the frustrating and confusing part.

Here is how the cell is setup:

The User submits a Form on the 'Master' Sheet to input time spent on a job.

That time is then recorded on a 'Time Entry' Sheet.

The below formula is used to on the 'Master' Sheet to calculate the total time spent on the job:

=SUM(COLLECT({Time Entry | Time}, {Time Entry | Job Number}, @cell = [Job Number]@row), ",")

We need to be able to see who has worked on the job in the past, and the 'View Cell History' is perfect for that, but only if it shows the User name.

Any thoughts on why this might be happening?