Using automations to add to a cell.


Is there a way to use an automation to add a number to a cell? What I am trying to do is have 24 add to a cell at the beginning of every year. So that it is a running total. (Year one they have 24, next year it adds 24 more, 48, next year its 72, and so on, it just keeps adding 24 on jan 1.) This is for my companies sick leave tracking sheet. Which it is not anything difficult to go in and add 24 to everyone's total each year I was wondering if I could do this with automations.



  • Dustin AK Lean VA

    I have a follow up to this as well, would it be possible to have the form they are submitting for sick leave automatically add the hours they are taking to their total hours used. I added a snip of the columns. Basically I am just trying to get an automation to add 24 to the "Sick Leave Total to Date" column at the beginning of every year and for a form to add what ever number they submit for usage to add to the "Sick Leave Hours Used" column.

  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You would need a date type column that has the start date in it. Then you would use something along the lines of...

    =(YEAR(TODAY()) - YEAR([Start Date]@row - IF(TODAY()< DATE(YEAR(TODAY()), MONTH([Start Date]@row), DAY([Start Date]@row)), 1, 0)) * 24

    Sick Leave Used would be a basic SUMIFS based on some unique identifier such as employee ID.

    =SUMIFS({Form Sheet Hours Column}, {Form Sheet ID Column}, @cell = [ID Column]@row)

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