Can dynamic views be created from sheet summary reports?


I can see the summary reports in the source picker when creating a dynamic view, however when I select the report and click the Create button, the process hangs. I've had the same results a summary report with multiple source sheets and a summary report with one source sheet. In both cases, the Create button turned from blue to gray, but then nothing further happened. I can create a new Dynamic View when I select a sheet or a row report.


  • KwGodwin

    Smartsheet has confirmed that Summary Reports are not supported as a source for Dynamic View. I have submitted an Enhancement Request.

    From Smartsheet Support:

    "Upon testing, I was able to reproduce the behavior. I was also able to see on our internal documentation that summary reports are not supported as source for Dynamic View. Premium Apps (Calendar, DataMesh, Dynamic View, Pivot, Control Center) or Connectors (Jira, Salesforce, Power BI, etc) will allow you to select a Summary Report as the source, but then when you get to the create point, you will either receive an error of "oops something has gone wrong" or simply a blank view of whatever Premium App you are attempting to use Summary Reporting with. 

    There currently isn't a way to use sheet summary report as source for Dynamic View in Smartsheet."