Data Shuffle Import Not Recognizing Special Characters


Good Morning - I'm a new "Data Shuffle" user setting up my first few workflows. We use a Smartsheet to track initial donations for a particular fundraising effort and need to update the donation amounts in this Smartsheet with data we receive in a .csv file from our online donation platform. I have set up the Data Shuffle workflow to update & add and mapped the data accordingly. The workflow is working but instead of updating the row with the new data it is adding a new row. It looks like it is not recognizing and importing a special character correctly from the source file even though the same special character is used in both the source and target files.

The name in the .csv source file is: Earthquake in Türkiye & Syria Appeal - Aaron Francis OTG Don

The corresponding row in my target Smartsheet is also - Earthquake in Türkiye & Syria Appeal - Aaron Francis OTG Don

But Data Shuffle is adding a new row instead of updating the existing row because it is not importing/recognizing the "ü" and adds a row as:

Earthquake in T�rkiye & Syria Appeal - Aaron Francis OTG Don

Any suggestions as to how to fix this besides removing the special character from both the source and target files?

Thank you in advance for your help/ideas!


Kathy Tilley


  • marc4
    marc4 ✭✭✭✭

    Does your donation platform allow you to specify only ASCII characters in the CSV?

    If not you can try using Zapier (free version) to convert the csv file from UTF to ASCII and then import the ASCII version using Data Shuttle.


  • Kathy Tilley

    Hi Marc - thanks for the reply. I'll have to check with the person who runs the report from our donation platform and see if we can specify only ASCII characters. I'm wondering though - if the source file uses only ASCII characters and the target file uses the special character if I would have the same issue? Thoughts on that?