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Stacy Meadows
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In excel I can build dashboards with a data drop down list that contains a list of areas, at the top of the dashboard and loads of graphs linked to it ...

I have 2nd sheet (Data Summary) that has cell A2 =(Dashboard dropdown) to provide data, with formulas that data changes if it matches cell A2. (It all comes from a 3rd sheet / raw data)

When I change the Dashboard dropdown List it changes cell A2 on the 2nd sheet (Data Summary) in the background, this changes all the summary data to match....

Which in turn changes all the graphs on the dashboard to the region I have chose on dashboard...

This enables other people across the company to choose the area that is relevant to them in the dashboard and in turn all the graphs amend...

(be good if I could let others change months too without having to go in all graphs every month)

I have built a lot in smartsheet, however I want to build this in Smartsheet Dashboard and I'm not sure it is possible any help please??

EXAMPLE of excel:



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Stacy Meadows

    Smartsheet does not currently have a built-in filter functionality for Dashboards as you're describing; please feel free to add your vote and voice to this Product Idea post, here: Dynamic Filter on Dashboards

    In the meantime, what I personally do is have different sections on the Dashboard divided by Titles to show the relevant filtered graphs.

    Another option would be to create one "master Dashboard" with links out to each individual "filtered" Dashboard. You can have a Back button (an image widget) which is an arrow that links to your master Dashboard so your user can easily navigate between Dashboards. The Save As New option is an easy way to quickly create a duplicate of one of the filtered Dashboard to then update the charts/graphs to look at the other content.



  • I have found a temporary workaround but a lot of work to set up depending on skillset and resources....

    Sheet A - Raw Data Sheet

    Sheet B - Individual Data Sheet (My dashboard will pull everything from here). This sheet contains name column (=Selection Sheet C Name Dropdown) and date column (=Selection Sheet C Date Dropdown) at top... the rest of the sheet has formulas nested if statements linking to them and pulling data from sheet A - Raw Data.....

    Report A - Individual Report - basically most the data from Sheet B in report view (less columns)

    Sheet C - Selection Sheet - Dropdown lists (Contact Name Column and a Date Column, however area etc could be used) Also a notes column to direct people.

    Dashboard - (the click to choose links to choose from selection sheet, choose desired names etc from dropdown, save and back dashboard graphs and report takes roughly 2 minutes to refresh even though it on auto refresh every 1 min)

    Thought it may help 😊

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