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I'm trying to catch if there are any discrepancies between model homes on our manual entry vs the systems data.

Model homes should be based on whether ADA is required or not. I've already created a helper column that tells me if model homes don't match but I need to add the "ADA Required?" column to my formula and I cant figure out how.

My helper column has this formula:

=IF([Model Home Selection Done (Canopy)]@row = [Model Home Change]@row, "match", "discrepancy")

But i need something like this:

IF [ada] = yes and [model home system] and [model home manual] has ADA , if true there are no discrepancies, if false there are discrepancy.



  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You would use an IF/AND (replace column names with what you are using in the sheet):

    =IF(ADA@row = "Yes", IF(AND(System@row = "ADA", Manual@row = "ADA"), "Match", "Discrepancy"))

  • egrillasca
    egrillasca ✭✭✭✭

    @Paul Newcome:

    Its giving me an invalid operation error.

    This is the formula I ended up using:

    =IF([ADA Required? (Canopy)]@row = "Yes", IF(AND([Model Home Selection Done (Canopy)]@row = OR("Single-Story 3-Bedroom (ADA)", "Single-Story 2-Bedroom (ADA)", "Single-Story 4-Bedroom (ADA)", "Two-Story 3-Bedroom (ADA)", "Two-Story 2-Bedroom (ADA)", "Two-Story 4-Bedroom (ADA)"), [Model Home Change]@row = OR("Single-Story 3-Bedroom (ADA)", "Single-Story 2-Bedroom (ADA)", "Single-Story 4-Bedroom (ADA)", "Two-Story 2-Bedroom (ADA)", "Two-Story 2-Bedroom (ADA) MOD A", "Two-Story 3-Bedroom (ADA)", "Two-Story 4-Bedroom (ADA)")), "Match", "Discrepancy"))

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