Accurately Count if Multiple Contacts are in a Cell



I am really struggling trying to map out certain data points, when it involves our sales reps, because we can have multiple contacts in a single cell.

In this particular instance, I want to find out how many quotes a sales rep has issued this year. Problem is, multiple sales reps can quote the same job, so another contact name could also be in this cell.

Here is the formula: =COUNTIFS({Bid Date}, >=DATE(2022, 12, 31), {Bid Date}, <=DATE(2023, 12, 31), {Phase}, ="Quote", {Outside Sales Rep}, =([Sales Engineer]@row))

The problem is: This only counts it if they are the ONLY sales rep in the row.

Smartsheets is telling me to use the "FIND" function, but no matter how I have set this up in the formula, it doesn't work. Any words of advice or a fix to my formula?


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