Salesforce / Smartsheet Connector Issues

I have an issue where I have set up the salesforce / smartsheet connector to update data bidirectionally. I have a separate column on that sheet (let's call it - active registrar) that is not integrated, with Salesforce. The column is a drop down field and has things such as Active, Closed, etc. Then I have a workflow that states "if closed" moved to Closed Smartsheet (a separate smartsheet). All of this seems to work perfectly fine except there are a handful of salesforce opportunities that keep "appearing" back on the active registrar, once closed. They are also on the closed registrar too (which is how I know they are randomly showing back up). It doesn't happen to all of them, just a random handful, I'm not sure why. Does the Salesforce / Smartsheet integrator have some type of logic that states if it's deleted from the "Active registrar" it doesn't matter. It will continue to show up? And if it does, why aren't all the other opportunities show up?


  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @Raquel Dent,

    Although without looking at your environment it is difficult to determine for sure. From what you describe it sounds like the tickets with the "Closed" active registrar appearing in your sheet after being moved are fields which may have re-synchronized from Salesforce into Smartsheet. Since "active registrar" seems to be a field only available in Smartsheet, you may consider setting an additional filter from Salesforce to Smartsheet that coincides with "closed" tickets and is a field in Salesforce to prevent these from re-syncing with Smartsheet when closed.

    If this can't be of help or doesn't fully explain the behaviour you are experiencing, you may want to share some captures of your Connector Workflow and the affected sheets where you have hidden any sensitive data.

    I hope that this can be of help.