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Reddy ✭✭
edited 03/29/23 in Formulas and Functions

I have a form in smartsheet which has multiple tabs along with DIVISION. Issue is Crew members are entering the wrong division when they audit the data. 

My question is how do i add a division description box above the division tab? to give crew members idea about what division they fall in? and when ever a crew member selects a specific division in the form only the asociated areas should pop up?

* the smartsheet is updated manually. The division description should be automaticaaly updated in the smartsheet when we select the division. How do i do it?

I have tried to put in this formula for Divivion desc to update automatically when division is selected in the smartsheet but no luck - 

=If(OR[Division]@row=" West","construction" ,

If(OR[Division]@row= "East"(),"Line services " 

If(OR[Division]@row= "North"(),"Power" )))

Appreciate the help


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