Having difficulty adding users, what am I doing wrong?


I had attempted to upload a listing of potential "users" in our organization through the admin portal yesterday, and had gotten a "something went wrong" error. There aren't any users in the pending status however, I have gotten a few emails from staff that were on the list asking if the invite was legitimate, so it apparently sent out the invite.

I did some research and it might have been the limit of how many I can import at a time. So I can go that route, maybe.

Today I tried to just add one user (who was on the import list yesterday), again through the Admin Portal, and I'm getting the same "something went wrong" error. I am entering in First Name, Last Name, email address, and untoggled the licensed user box - I just want to test the viewer account, and be able to assign them tasks.

Is this something that needs a ticket to be opened, or does someone have an idea of what might be going on?

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