How to use the value of % Complete as a dependency?


  • Here is the issue. I want a row to use another row as a predecessor without % Complete having to be 100%, rather 75% or more. This condition needs only apply to a subset of rows, not all of them.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @NStewart

    There currently isn't a way for a Project Sheet to use a value other than what's put in the Predecessor column as an indication of a predecessor.

    That said, what you could do is use Conditional Formatting & a formula to colour your rows when the Predecessor is 75% + done!

    For example:

    =IF(Predecessors@row = "", "", INDEX([% Complete]:[% Complete], VALUE(Predecessors@row + "")))

    Then since you can see the % Complete for the Predecessor row in the current row, you can set up Conditional Formatting rules based on it:



  • Thank you, Genevieve, for your answer and effort you put forth. You are certainly correct, but it does not solve the problem of a task moving forward using a predecessor that is only 75% complete. Realizing the limitation of the SmartSheet algorithm requiring 100% completion, I set up a dummy % Complete that goes to 100% based on the value of the true % Complete. We then use that column as the sheet % Complete. We do a test to see if a value reached 75% and compare it to the new % Complete cell, then enter 100 if the threshold has been reached that we want, i.e., 75% Complete. A little bit of a nuisance, but a report gives us a quick look at what needs to be fixed. Thanks again. Norm