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I am looking to build a portfolio of Lean/ Problem Solving Tools in Smartsheet. I would like Team members to be able to use certain tools and be able to automatically extract the data into reports, dashboards etc. One tool often used in Problem Solving is the Fishbone Diagram. A quick google will explain what I mean in terms of how I would like it to look.

The fishbone has the person completing it list out the possible root causes under 6 different categories, which are displayed on a diagram looking like a fishbone. I'm happy for the person to complete a document which looks like a table/grid, but I would then like to produce a report/ dashboard which looks like the traditional fishbone view. Is this possible in Smartsheets?

Thanks for you help.

Dave N


  • ro.fei
    ro.fei ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Dave N UK

    Unfortunately I don't believe you'll be able to create a Fishbone Diagram within Smartsheet. However, there are a couple things you could do in it's place. I recommend taking a look at Card View. With the use of a dropdown column with the 6 categories as options, you can create lanes for the cards to drop into & easily sort items visually within Card View. Here's an example of what Card View looks like (with names as the lanes):

    Alternatively, if you have another tool that you like to use to create true Fishbone Diagrams, you can embed it into a Smartsheet Dashboard as a Web Content widget.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions or need any help setting things up. 😊