Tick a checkbox for current and upcoming work

Hi all,

I use Smartsheet as a kanban board, and primarily use the Gantt view for team calls. I'd like to be able to filter to see work happening now or coming up in the next few days.

My definitions and existing formulas:

Happening now = TODAY is after the start date but before the end date.

Formula: =IF(AND(TODAY() <= [Completion date]@row, TODAY() >= [Start date]@row), 1, 0)

Coming up = start date is within the next 15 days.

Formula: =IF([Start Date]@row < TODAY(+15), 1, 0)

Thanks to other posters I have an IF statement for each, but I'm struggling to merge those into a single formula, to give me a single checkbox.

I have this - again using previous poster's formulas - but it won't parse and I don't understand why:

=IF(OR(AND(TODAY() <= [Completion date]@row, TODAY() >= [Start date]@row)),([Start Date]@row < TODAY(+15), 1, 0)

Can anyone help me here, please?

Thanks, Steve.