JIRA Connector sending hundreds of Emails

Beth Klineman
Beth Klineman ✭✭
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We have a Smartsheet JIRA connector set up however every time a ticket gets updated everyone who has touched the ticket(at some point) gets an email notification. We cannot locate where this notification setting is and how to disable it. A person that touched the ticket two stages prior should not get a notification. We have looked into the JIRA settings and it does not seem to be there, it is seems to be in the Smartsheet connector but cannot seem to find how to disable or update it.

Any ideas?

CC: @Kimberly Miller


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @Beth Klineman

    Can you clarify how your process is set up? Is the automation alert coming from the Smartsheet sheet, or from Jira?

    Emails from Smartsheet will have the sheet name and workflow ID at the bottom of the alert, like so:

    If the alerts are coming from a Smartsheet workflow, you can use the ID to find which one it is on that sheet (by looking at the workflow Properties) and disable it.

    If the alerts are coming from Jira, then I would recommend reaching out to Jira's Community, here.



  • Beth Klineman
    Beth Klineman ✭✭
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    @Genevieve P. thank you for your response -- the email notification is using "Salesforce reporter" and we are not using Salesforce. I had meant to add this to my original post. It seems if the ticket had a reporter and that reporter changes, the original reporter is still getting the notifications.

    I will confirm the other information you provided.

    CC @Kimberly Miller