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My company uses Smartsheet, all jobs for the entire division are loaded into one sheet (tasks, deadlines, completion dates, etc). I am new to the company, and have never used Smartsheet before

I am responsible for about 1/3 of the projects in that sheet. All I want is to be able to pluck from that "master sheet" the information already inputted, and format it for my own needs. I would prefer to have all "my" projects in one sheet, so that I can just filter/manipulate the data as needed to manage timelines, staffing and tasks. As far as level of complexity of the project work, it is fairly low: One engineer does most of the prework, submittals, etc. One person does all the equipment ordering, then I would then take it over from there to track order status, assign techs/installers, input project dates/deadlines, etc.

My question: What template(s) best allow for the functionality that I currently need?


  • LizTo
    LizTo ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Rob,

    You have a few options that could work for you depending on what you want to format:

    1) You could filter the current sheet to only show projects assigned to you, assuming there is an existing column called "Assigned To" or something similar. This would reduce the visual clutter of showing the projects that you are not responsible for, but you wouldn't to be able to otherwise rearrange or edit the sheet columns without it also affecting everyone else who uses the sheet

    2) You could create a report that only shows the projects that you are working on, and only show the columns you care about, in the order that you want them. Any changes you make on the report will be changed in the source sheet as well.

    3) You could create a new sheet and use cell linking, if you really need a custom format, but this would be a bit more work. However any cell that's linked would update in both sheets simultaneously.

    I hope this helps!

  • Rob V
    Rob V ✭✭


    I cannot change the format/view of the master sheet, so I am thinking that I would have to make a report off of it? There is an "Assigned To" that should work, for the most part. I would want to add columns to this report for specific tasks, etc, so

    1. Is that possible
    2. Would those new columns populate back to the master sheet?

    I am knee deep in tutorials, but just don't want to inadvertently screw anything up LOL. Thank you!