Display Chart of Count per date


I have column for End Dates and Rows for Projects. I want to show in the dashboard a chart that woudl show # of prject per end dates. Can you help?



  • Please note that the End Dates are dynamic dates. It is changing

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Kevin D

    I'd probably make a collector sheet that has a column with all dates in it. Column 2 would be a formula:

    =countif(reference end dates column, column1@row)

    Then build a report that shows only rows that have a result in col 2 of more than 0. This gives you just a date and a number. You could potentially condense this if you were good seeing data by week, month, year, etc.

    Alternatively (especially if your data set is relatively small) you could build a report on the original data set that groups projects by end dates and filter end dates to a range.

  • how can I create a collector sheet? for some reason it doesnt have an option for me

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