Control Center - Can optional templates be used with Automated Provisioning

Dave Lyons
Dave Lyons ✭✭✭
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We currently use Control Center "Automated Provisioning". Our deployment process is trigger off an "Approval" column in our intake sheet. Our "Project Toolkit" aka Source folder currently has 16 items(Sheets, Reports, Dashboards).

We are looking to add some optional templates to our "Project Toolkit". We would like to create (3) different "Project Schedule" sheets and make them optional. They would be for Complex, Medium, and Simple projects.

We would like to continue using "Automated Provisioning" but have the ability to pass from the "Intake Sheet" the "Approval" and "Project Size" info so that the correct optional "Project Schedule" could be included in the provisioning of the new project.

As of now I only see this being viable via "Manually Provisioning" the project via a "Project Creators" role.

Thanks for any and all insight on this !😎

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