Hello all, be really glad if someone can help me with overcoming a problem with some dashboards we run to track live scores in manufacture in our factories.

We use a grid view smartsheet (Production smartsheet) to schedule production, and as the items on the schedule are produced, the production team update the schedule to show the goods as completed. There is a second smartsheet (Metrics smartsheet) that takes the information from the production schedule, and collates it into a condensed form that is then dispalyed on a dashboard (scoreboard). This allows us to display real-time progress via a visual scoreboard, on how the actual production is tracking v. the scheduled production, for a day.

Unfortunately there seems to be a cell link somewhere that I cannot trace, that keeps reverting the date on the Metrics smartsheet to the previous day. The cell history just shows 'Cell Link' as the user that initiated the change.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to overcome this?