A notification to be sent if a row of data is missing.


For our Master Cleaning Schedule sheets, starting with Daily, we are looking for a notification to be sent if a row of data is missing. For the Daily frequency, we are looking for a line item for all 5 areas (Dry, Cooler, Freezer, Exterior, Battery) to have been submitted each day. Therefore, each date should have 5 rows. In the example shown below, there are only 4 rows (Exterior is missing) submitted on a given date. We would want a notification to be sent around 5pm that same day to remind the supervisor that data is missing.

Thanks in advance


  • Lachlan Stead
    Lachlan Stead ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello William,

    The fastest way to achieve this is probably to create a secondary sheet that lists every date for a 12 month period (for example) in the first column (date format), then use a count function in the next column (text format)... an automation then could be created on this secondary sheet to send an alert at 5pm 'today' (based on the date column) with a condition of 'count column' is not equal to '5'... not sure if that helps?