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How Do I Send a User an Alert When Anything in Their Row Has Been Updated?

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We have several rows for clients which are assigned to 11 different reps. I would like to create an alert/notification when certain columns are updated for clients which are assigned to them.


I've searched help but haven't found a solution which works for this.


For example, one column is Contracts, I want a reminder when the status is changed from Requested, to Downloaded.


Can that happen?


  • In this situation, you can use an application integration tool. I work at a company called Azuqua that can help your Smartsheet work with email. With Azuqua, you can monitor columns within your sheets and trigger email responses when updates are made.  The email address to be used can be dynamically pulled either from a column on the row or from another Smartsheet.  Whether you would like to use Gmail, MailChimp, or Office 365 Mail you and your clients can receive emails based on updates to their assigned columns. You can try this out with a 14-day free trial on our website at http://azuqua.com/.

  • Nic,


    Can Azuqua work with regular MS office or is 365 required?

  • James,


    If you have the MS-Office Outlook desktop client, that is fine.  Azuqua communicates directly with the Office365 cloud service.  If you are using an on-premises Exchange Server, the configuration becomes more complicated.

  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Deliverance, 

    You have the tools in Smartsheet already. 

    Make sure your reps are in the aassigned to column (one per row) and the column properties are "Contact List"  make sure the Reps are shared to the sheet,  then go to the ALERTS/Reminders choices at the bottom of the sheet, choose Assigned to column for the WHO and the status column for the WHAT , with "when anything changes".

    Note you wont see this choice unless the column is set up as Contacts for the recipient details to bu utilised.   

    Hope that helps Richard Rymill

  • Deliverance
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    Richard, I thought that would be the obvious way to do this. I meet all your requirements but when I set up a new alert I can only choose a person's name for the WHO, not a column. The way I see it now, if i set an alert for when a column is changed it'll send it to that person for any rows in that column, not just their own.






    Capture 3.PNG

  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    You are nearly there but use Alerts/REMINDERS which gives you the option to choose the assigned to column which then selects the person in that task/Row. See Graphic. Just select the correct column to denote when a reminder is sent out. ( ie not the Start date as in the graphic). Try that? 


  • Deliverance
    edited 03/04/16

    Thanks, I'm trying what you suggest but I don't think it works for my intended purpose. I want a reminder to be sent to Adam, when the column for Contracts is changed for any of his assigned rows. I can only seem to set a reminder by Assigned to for a particular date with the Reminders but it doesn't even allow me to choose a particular row. In the screenshot below I would assume on 7/12/15 every single person will just get a reminder for some unknown purpose. Its going to send anyone in the Assigned To column an email on Sunday 7/12/15 saying its a reminder about my sheet plus any comments I put in.




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