Workflow Automation Issue


Workflow automation pushed all projects not just those that were marked complete to completion sheet. Our entire schedule moved over. Why would this happen when the condition requires it to be marked Complete under the status column first?  


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @EEdwin48

    Did you manually run the workflow as a test, or did you wait until it was triggered by what you had set in the Trigger block?

    Manually running a workflow will skip the Trigger criteria. This means if you put your trigger to be "when rows are changed to 'Complete'", but then manually ran the workflow, it wouldn't read that first trigger box. Here's the article that goes through when happens when running a workflow manually: Manually run a workflow

    You would want to have the criteria set up as a Condition Block instead, or just test on one row. Let me know if this describes what you experienced!



  • Yes, this does. Thanks. I've added a condition for the date to be in the past, which should mitigate this issue in the future, yes? I've now added a workflow to the Completed Projects sheet to move all the rows that weren't marked complete in the status column back. We'll see how this goes.