Hi...Is there a way to use automation to resend an approval request without it being date driven? We have a user that did not find the original approval request and we want to retrigger the request via Smartsheet but also set up automation to send when users do not approve (but not date driven).

Thank you!


  • ker9
    ker9 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You can use automation that begins with "When a date is reached" and change the "Run once" option to Custom and then run monthly/weekly/daily until a condition is met (a field is not blank).

    Generally you would use a date to setup reminders - if the Create Date is x days in the past and Field Y is blank, send another request. Your automation can also enter a date into a "Date Sent" column and you can run automation based on that. You need something to determine when it runs.

    Another option is to run automation when a row is added or changed but I think this works best for the first request but is not good for reminders. If nothing has been added or changed in a some time, the reminder will not go out or the reminder could go out the same day and possibly multiple times if there are a lot of additions/changes.

    IMO, best to determine a reminder schedule.