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Sorely needed = proper, granular zoom levels in Gantt chart view!

For years I've suffered with the ridiculously coarse and uneven zoom levels in Smartsheet's Gannt charts. No more, I'm now raising my hand to say it's 2023 and we should have far more granularity in zoom levels on a Gannt chart view!

Ideally a zoom slider tool (like, for example in MS Word and Excel) rather than fixed increments. Twice the number of levels would be good, but really it should be at minimum 3-4x the levels of granularity than what exists today, if a zoom slider cannot be developed.

Let me express it in terms of how much time (schedule time in the Gannt chart) fits in 2" of screen width (the 2" is arbitrary and not what's important):

  • Fully zoomed out, I see about 18 months - i.e. 1.5 years - shown/labeled as quarters (Q1, Q2, etc)
  • 1st level zoom in: about 6.5 months (roughly 2.8x zoom from above 0 level zoom)
  • 2nd level zoom in: about 1 month (roughly 6.5x zoom from above 1st level zoom)
  • 3rd level (max) zoom in: 10 days (roughly 3x zoom from above 2nd level zoom)

Sorry, but that doesn't cut it -- the jump between 1st and 2nd level is massive (6.5x) and inconsistent with the other zoom levels. That's where the huge problem lies - every time I go from 1st to 2nd level zoom, it's jolting, frustrating, enormously dissatisfying, and therefore it's a tremendous disruption to my work flow! Is this how you want customers to feel using Smartsheet?!

Thank you for prioritizing this change, which should not be a terribly difficult one to make.

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