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I've read in a few past threads that automations will not work with Cell Linking. For example, I have a column that uses VLOOKUP to pull a Status from another sheet that is imported via Data Shuttle on a daily basis. I wanted to have the rows moved to my completed sheet anytime the Status changes to Closed. It would seem that it doesn't recognize that it is closed.

Has anyone found a work around to this? I tried a helper column that displays whatever is in that cell as text but it doesn't seem to be working. Thanks!

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  • Dale Murphy
    Dale Murphy ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    @Dakota Haeffner We have numerous workflows running on sheets that have cross sheet links; not sure that is the issue.

    Regardless, my goto work-around workflow approach when "row adds or changes" doesn't seem reliable is to run a workflow on a time-based trigger. If you know when the Data Shuttle import occurs, run a workflow an hour later that checks status and does your move.



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