Scheduled Smartsheet Backup Fails to Download

We are a Business Plan customer but I don't think we pay for additional support. Because of this I apparently can't talk to anyone at Smartsheet on the phone. We have submitted multiple help tickets on this issue. Most have been ignored, one was answered with a standard response that didn't come close to helping resolve the issue. Hoping this communication will provide better results.

Two of us at the System Admin level of our account have weekly backups scheduled for all the sheets we own. This provides us with an email weekly with a download link. It worked wonderfully for the last 5+ years. Recently, I cannot get the download to work unless I am totally logged out of Smartsheet. The other person is unable to get a successful download at all. It starts then fails.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help.


  • RebSchr
    RebSchr ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Ruth - I have been doing backup's for 5+ years as well! I haven't had any issues with it failing - but I seem to have a lot of issues where the zip file is corrupted. This doesn't happen on all of my backup files. I had to delete the backup process (disable it) and then re-add it, wait a day, then request a backup file again to fix the corrupted file. I have also noticed that my backup notifications don't always come on the same day anymore or are no longer consistent in when they complete. I have several of them scheduled for weekly backups and 3 or 4 will be sent on the weekend, then the rest trickle in after Monday.

    Have you tried to download it directly from SS and not the link that is emailed to you? If this doesn't work, I am also curious if others have been experiencing issues with backups as well.