How to get Workday Function to work with Countifs and Cross-Sheet Reference


I'm attempting to count number of blank values that appear in the sheet 7 reference column, where there is a match on the manager, and the next business day from the Sheet 3 reference column is prior to today.

This is the formula I'm using:

=COUNTIFS({Sheet 7}, "", {Sheet 2}, [Manager]@row, WORKDAY({Sheet 3}, 1) <TODAY())

For instance, if the value in the date column in the Sheet 3 reference is 4/14/23, the Workday +1 value would be 4/17/23 and the WORKDAY({Sheet 3}, 1) <TODAY()) would be true.

The Sheet 3 reference is defined as a Date column.

I get Invalid Data Type as the error. Is what I'm trying to do achievable?

Thanks in advance.

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