How-to best manage people inside a busy program

Allen4480 ✭✭
edited 04/21/23 in Smartsheet Basics


I'm looking for ideas or suggestions or...maybe just a reality check.

My problem (fear) statement:

I have a program with 25 projects (about 500 lines) all contained into ONE smart sheet schedule that a small group of us manage. (one schedule, raid log etc)

One of the projects will now get a lot of visibility and many more "users" will need to edit that ONE schedule.

This freaks me out, having someone access to edit more than just their project task.

it's nice having ONE schedule, but I'm concerned about how do I maintain control, privacy, snooping around etc...


  1. create a NEW separate SCHEDULE, raid, risk, etc just for this one project, so others don't see/touch/modify the other projects
  2. figure out some way to duplicate or create a ghost copy somewhere else, that others can manipulate.

(yes...i can set read-only, but that doesn't prevent snooping around etc).

my goal

  1. privacy / clean
  2. Others can edit only their project
  3. minimize wondering eyes
  4. maintain a single source of truth.

any suggestions are welcome. thank you