date displayed incorrect

The baseline date (marked red) is displayed incorrectly via a cell-link on a new sheet:

The 03.11. is reproduced as 11.03. The variance indicated as 0 is only reproduced as an empty field. How can I take corrective action? Many thanks


  • Paul McGuinness
    Paul McGuinness ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Miranda_1

    It appears that the date is correct but in the wrong format? that's why there is no variance as smartsheet is reading the same date but in different formats, US MM/DD/YY and European DD/MM/YY. This would normally tie down to formatting on the originating cell link sheet being the US format but if that's the snip you have above then both appear formatted correctly.

    I can see a couple of cases of this happening in the community but no solutions so would suggest contacting smartsheet support in this instance.

    Sorry to not be of more help