Copy a row to another sheet when specified criteria are met- Not Working


I am trying to copy rows from one sheet to another and I have a few issues:

  • I want the destination sheet columns to be renamed, but when I do, the flow just creates new lines to the right of the destination sheet. Is there a way to change the names of the destination columns without altering the flow? So if, for example, column "Project" on original sheet is copied to destination sheet then I change the name of the same column on destination sheet to "Activity", I want all new rows on destination sheet to populate under "Activity" versus a new column to the right of the destination sheet
  • Linking cells does not work when copying from one sheet to multiple sheets. I have one master original sheet that has a flow to copy to 5 different other sheets depending on the codes entered on each new row. Can I link cells from one master sheet to 5 different other sheets given that there is a workflow directing the new rows to all these different sheets? I want changes made to any cell on the master sheet reflected automatically on all 5 other sheets