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View Historical Requests


There should be a way for all users who submit a form to track and view a log of all their historical requests. This would be not at the sheet level. For example, I have a form that I want to send out to 5000 people and all of them will fill out this form multiple times a year. Now, they want a history log throughout the year(s) to see what they submitted. Why? To compare what they've submitted to a new request or see what happened the last time they submitted. Aside from sending themselves a copy of their response from their form and digging through their emails, they can just log in to their Smartsheet account to see and review what they've submitted in the past.

Additionally, there should be a way where users can see and communicate changes that are in a specific row/column. For example with the same example as above, all of the responses are populated into a sheet and I don't want to share that whole sheet with 5000 people due to privacy. I can link them using an automation with link to sheet and specific fields in which it will send them an email, but it will also send them a link to the sheet. Technically, that would suffice, but now they cannot create a comment thread within the sheet and would have to communicate via email which now creates more room for error/missing details.

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