Vlookup as "Column Formula" is not working properly

Hello! I was hoping someone can please point me in the right direction on this one. I created a Vlookup that will compare an ID number on a sheet that users will fill out via form, and return the due date listed on a different spreadsheet.

The formula I created worked on the first row. =VLOOKUP([Context ID]@row, {Due Date}, 3)

However, when I converted it to a column formula, I am receiving a "No Match" error message in all but the first column.

This is the page I am trying to fill in the Due Date field from a second sheet

I double checked that the Context IDs listed on the form page were on the Due Date data sheet and they are.

I've tried converting it back to a row formula, deleting the column and creating a new formula etc. I just can't figure out why it only works with some of the rows. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,



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