Equation to Find the Second Matching Value at the Bottom of the List


On a project tracking sheet, I am trying to create a "Previous Name" column that will automatically be updated as the project names change. To do this I've been setting up an automation to copy the line to a new sheet called, "Previous Names", once that lines name is changed.

The idea is to then create a equation that will pull from the old project name from "Previous Name Sheet" by referencing the 2nd most recent Project ID Number (essentially second from the bottom).

In the example below: The project "Pumpkin Patches Whenever" had its name changed to "Pumpkin Patches Forever". That line was then copied over the 'Previous Name" Sheet (the image below) with its new name. I would want an equation in "Previous Name" column to then show "Pumpkin Patches Whenever" (the circled line)

So far my attempts to create this equation has not worked. If anyone has a suggestion or another work around to make this work it would be appreciated!


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