Reminder improvement - multiple lines

I'd like to set up a regular Reminder and I'm having challenges since the functionality has changed since I last set this up. Help? It can be triggered either by a date or an action - either way.

On a regular basis (monthly, triggered by date or action), I want Lisa to get 1 email that includes all data for Supplier A (all rows 1-9 in sample below) and to receive a separate email for the 2 rows of Supplier B.

I want Vishal to receive 1 email with the data in the Supplier C row, and a separate email in teh row for Supplier D.

This is so that Lisa and Vishal have information they need about the supplier balances, but also so that they can forward the email (if needed) to a specific supplier, without having to break the emails up - split tables, download spreadsheets - etc. Rather, the Reminder email has all the rows they need ONLY for 1 supplier for that reminder.

I noticed this acted differently than it had a couple years back, and I can't get the reminders to do what I would like as described above. Thoughts? Thanks!



  • Hollie Green
    Hollie Green ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    set the reminders you want to go at the same time to go at a specific time and the ones you want to go separately at a later time. Even if it is just a little later they should go separately.