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Hi Everyone,

I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now. I want to bring my manufacturing facility to the next level by creating an associate monitoring database. Let me explain more.

The Food Safety Team consists of 30 associates on my site. They are responsible for conducting Food Safety Audits (Smartsheet database/form) every month each associate is responsible for auditing the same area. If there is no finding. There is a section in the form that says No Finding! but if there is, they can add as many findings as they see.

In addition, I have a separate sheet that sends out reminders to the Food Safety Team by name and area to be audited monthly. This is a general email that says if you have completed the audit, then, disregard this email.


How do I create a database that tracks the completion of these audits on a monthly basis by associates? So, I can see the bigger picture and see which associates have completed the audit and which have not? any idea on how to do this?

I take

me 1h every week to see their progress (Manual process)

Monthly Reminders

Food Safety Database (Monthly Audit)

Again, my question is, how do I know that associate 1 responsible for a monthly audit in the Blow Molding - Palletizer completed his audit for the month of November 2022?

I am trying to make my life easier by creating some type of tracking formula or sheet for all the 30 associates that I have in this program.



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    This is easy... assuming that each associate completes/ is supposed to complete 1 audit per month.

    Food Safety Data Base

    1. Create 2x columns, month and year =MONTH([due date]@row), =YEAR([due date]@row)

    Monthly Reminders

    1. Add month and date columns as per above
    2. Create a column called "Audit Complete" - check box
    3. Use this formula in Audit Complete =COUNTIFS({Auditor Name},Auditor@row,{Month},month@row,{Year},Year@row)

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