Why does the search feature use date modified?

PDunn ✭✭✭✭✭

Does is only bring up rows that were modified in a time frame and not all rows that meet the search criteria regardless if anything was modified in that row? Seems limiting to only search on modified rows.

My teams want to find specific rows to update data for. The sheet is arranged by parent/child rows it is the primary column in sheet.

Looks like the child rows are appearing in search results, but because the hover over feature doesn't work no way to determine which B739 in the results list is the row I want.

Why doesn't it show the entire # in search result from the primary column regardless if it is a parent or child row?


1: I selected the first B739 listed

• it is the parent row opens sheet and highlights row in sheet.

2: I then selected the 4th listing B739.

• it opens sheet and goes to B739-94 but I am not able to discern what the child row is in search results, nothing happens when I hover over.

• I then have to click Edit pencil to see the series #


Hover over is one of the tips from Smartsheet doc about using search and it does nothing when I hover over row in search results.


  • PDunn
    PDunn ✭✭✭✭✭

    I found out the hover over feature is no longer valid. I submitted a issue to Smartsheet . This functionality was removed, but the help documentation was not updated. I have since initiated a new product suggestion they bring it back. My scenario is I have 100 rows primary column product # parent row is B739, but each child row below are B739-123, B73-124, B739-125 etc. So the way search is currently set up I would have to highlight each row, click the edit pencil which opens another window for each row of the search results looking for a specific B739-123 this is not efficient at all. I am hoping they will consider providing the hover over feature again so the full primary field is displayed. Anyone else experiencing using new updated search feature is not as efficient as it could be?